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Blue “Muslin”

As you all know I’ll soon be my best friends made of honor. Most of you also know that I’ll be making that dress myselves. I’ll be making a  copy cat of Sophie Ellis-Bextors dress:

I’ve made a trail version of the slipdress, although it is perfectly wearble on itself. I like to make clothers that can be used in several ways.

*Tadaaaaaa* The dress is a mashup from an adjusted Burda 11/2011 bustier cocktail dress an a flared skirt I drew myselves.

I didn’t add any boning. Since I expected that it would need a ton of adjustment, I didn’t plan on actually wearing this dress. For a bustier dress without boning it keeps up wonderfully! I guess that it is because it is very snug. Probably I’l be adding detacheble straps in the near future. I’m pretty sure this dress won’t survive the “jumpint-test”.

I’m very pleased with the result. The zipper installation on this dress isn’t one of the most pretty one I’ve done. But hey, this should be a muslin, and I have an extra at once. On my body it looks better then on the dressform. A dress form is very hard compared to my soft body.

Pattern: adjusted burda 01/2012 leather bustier dress, (only the bustier is available through burdastyle) and a flared skirt I drew myselves

Year: 2012

Mods: I made the bustier front into a straight line, I elongated the bustier.

Fabric: 2 meters Coton (1,5 m wide), 6 euro  Moens modestoffen

Notions: Zipper, 20 ct kringwinkel, thread, gütermann 3,2 euro, I used about half

Time to complete: +/- 5 hours.

First worn: the same day as I finished it to go and chill in the sun.

Wear again? Yes! Maybe I will add detacheble straps so I can wear it more often

Total cost: 7,80 euro



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