Welcome into my sewing studio

Making my room into a real sewing studio seem to be a never endig story. I wanted to share it with you a few times, and I even took pictures. But afterward I changed a few things and then my mind turned into not blogworthy materiaal. So  I just stored it on my external hard drive without doing somthing with it. And then I realised, my studio will never be finished. I’ll alway keep changing things  )expect of they are screwed into the wall- so  I descided I could live sharing pictures of my sewing studio without it being the exact same room that’s below me while I’m writing this blogpost.

So ladies and gents, without any further ado I’de like to present you my sewing studio:

Sewing Studio space room Lieke


Peacock Belladone dress

A while ago I asked if somebody could help my find the perfect peacock fabric. And eventuallly I found it! Oh happy days!  I found it at the webshop Studio Elf and turned it into another Belladone dress. And if you want to find out some more great news, you can make your own dress during a workshop so I can help you make it.

Btw, I’m so sorry it took so long before I posted something, but making this blog bilangual (and this time for real) is taking a ton of time!

peacock belladone


Sorry for the ton of mails

Dag everyone,

If you follow A Bouquet of Buttons by e-mail subscription you’ve recieved a ton of mails today. That wasn’t my intention. I’m working on making A Bouquet of Buttons into a real bilangual site with a nifty buttons that allows you to choose you prefered language.By doing so I sended out a ton of mails I didn’t intend to do. So I’m reallys orry but I figured out how to stop them. So you should recieve any old blogpost in you inbox anymore. If it would be the case, please let me know so I cant try and fix it.

Sorry for the trouble, but once it’s over, A Bouquet of Buttons will be much more pleasant te read.

With kind regards, Lieke


Happy new year!

I want to wish you a very happy new year! I hope 2015 will be a great year for you. If 2014 was a good year, great! I hope you can keep on following that path! If 2014 was a year filled with sorrows and pain, then I hope you can find the strenght to make something beautifull out of this year!

click for image source


And I also have a gift for all of you, from now on the blog will actually be multilangual. Right now you’re on the English part of the site, if you click on the flag on the right you’ll go to the Dutch site. If you’re in a post in the wrong langue and you click the flag then, if there’s a translation you will automaticly go to the post you were reading.

I had some troubles setting this up, so my goal to have a completely bilangual site by now failled, but I will do everything to make it work to it’s full potential as soon as possible.

And of course you can start follow my blog in English on Bloglovin and any aother reader. Just search for bouquetofbuttons.be/en and it should pop right up. Btw I translate everything it isn’t a google translate thing.

Enjoy 2015 and I hope our paths will cross a ton of times!

Gifts for Sewist – the last minute edition

Finding the perfect present for your sewing friends isn’t that easy. But this list, and also this one, will help you to find the perfect present. Some gifts are just a click away, but for others you’ll have to wait a bit before they arrive. It’s a few days before Christmas so if you’re gift doesn’t arrive on time you can print a pretty picture of it and give that nicely wrapped. And the gift arrives you’ll have a reason to meet up again, bonus! But let’s take a look a the list.


Belladone workshop in Antwerp – Deurne saturday 20 december


Hi everyone!

I’m very sad to announce that we had to cancel the Belladone workshop in Maasmechelen due to too few registrations but we added a workshop in Antwerp because at on of you requested it.

Together with Studio Elf I’ll be teaching you to make your own Belladone dress right in time for the holidays! It is a one day workshop and a dress is a bit of work so you’ll need to do some preparations at home not much, but still some and that’s why you’ll be sended the pattern and you fabric is you buy it in their webshop (you’ll get a 15% coupon). The workshop will be taking place in Deurne – Antwerp december 20th.

I’m really excited to see what you come up with! Will you join us?




  • When? 20/12 (10u – 17u)
  • Where? Deurne, Antwerpen
  •  In cooperation with Studio Elf
  • More information and registration can be found here 
  • You can register untill december 11th

btw, the pics are my newest Belladone made with fabric bought at Studio Elf.

If you’re curious about other workshops, you can find out what I’m teaching here.



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