Hi everybody!

The last 2 evening I’ve spended at the place I’ll be taking sewingcourses pretty soon. I was there on monday to get to know the teachers, talk a bit about what will be the subject of the class and stuff. Just some nice chats. Nice chats are really importent!

Yesterdag I was there again to do an admission test. Checkin out my sewing skills and if they find them good enough, I can start in the second year (sound pretty good). I was really nervous when I went there! What shall I have to do? Will it be hard? Will there be many people?…. But I think that is quitte good to be a bit nervous :). The test was quitte simple. It was to check if you know your sewingmachine and some basic terms. So really easy. We had to make a small bag and do eveything as they told us, trimming the corners (duh), topstitching,… So it was ok. On 1 of the 3 bags I made (yes we had to make 3) the topstitching wasn’t very nice, so I got all of the stichings out and stich it again. Doesn’t everybody who sews hates that!!! Even the second time I thought it wasn’t straight. Since I didn’t feel like doing it all over again for a third time I handed it in. The teacher was pretty pleased with the result. Ok-to be honest I did realise it wasn’t a monster I created, but she was more positve then I thought!!! (wich is nice).

I’ll be starting my classes in the second year!! I’ll learn how to draw my own patterns for pants and skirts this year. After the drafting we will make them off course :). I’m really looking forward to it!!!



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