Hello everyone,

It’s been a veeeeeeeeeeeeery long time no see. I went on a lovely long holiday to Indonesia. Which was great, but afterwards I got sick. Luckely I’m better now. I didn’t catch anything on my holiday. So it wasn’t very serious. I suffered from nephritis. It is over now, but I’m still very tired. Hopefully that will be over soon.

But I’m here to tell you about one of dresses I made a while back. It is a green dress with grey dots, very simple, but lovely.

I drafted the top myselves by tracing a t-shirt I like very much. The skirtpart is just a simple tired skirt.

The dress is very comfy to wear. I prefer to wear it with a belt. It looks really flathering then.

The facts:

Pattern: top is traced from a t-shirt, the skirt is a simple tired skirt

Year: 2012

Mods: none

Fabric: 1 meter (1,5m wide) heavy jersey,  6 euro  Moens modestoffen

Notions: thread for my serger I had around

Time to complete: +/- 3 hours.

First worn: the same day as I finished it to go to a wedding. Sadly I have no good pictures from it.

Wear again? Yes! It is very comfy, I will add pockets in the next one

Total cost: 6 euro

Thank you for commenting, I really enjoy reading them :)