I made this dress a looooooooong time ago.It is my first sergerproject! *yay for first timers*  I made this dress last summer. Since I’m in need of sun I hope this post will make the sun pop up over Belgium.

The dress is called “Audrey” since it is an adapted pattern from the Audrey dress in the book “Famous Frocks“. More about that book in another post. I kept the original top but I added an A-line skirt. In the book the skirt part is a skirt that makes the hips look bigger. My fellow-pear people will understand me for chosing an other buttom for my dress.

The dress is made in knit fabric. It was the first time I made an attempt strenghten some parts of the dress with iron-on tape. I did a pretty good job arround my armholes, but in the back I stretched the fabric. AAAaaaaaaaa! You can see this mistake very clear in this picture.

Even with the mistakes I love this dress. It wor it so much last summer. It is a perfect summerdress!


Pattern: adjusted “Audrey” from “Famous Frocks“.

Year: 2011

Mods: I changed the skirt part into an A-line skirt

Fabric: 1,5 meters knit (1,5 m wide), 7,5 euro p/m  Moens modestoffen

Notions: serger thread, no idea how much it costs

Time to complete: +/- 15 hours, the first time serging was a pain in the ***

Make again? Yes, but without the flaws. Maybe I would make several ones in different fabrics at the same time. It is  a perfect summerdress.

First worn: To work

Wear again? Yes! 

Total cost: +/- 11 euro

How was your first experience with a serger?




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