Today I’ll talk about how I’m organising my fabric. I’m still in the proces of organising.

fabric organising

So this is why I use lots-and-lots of cardboard. Luckely I kept the cardboard that covered our fidge and freezer.

organise fabric

I cutted them up in in rectangulars. To determin the size I used the depth of my cupboard minus 6cm x the height of the shelve minus 2 cm. It fits like a glove.

organise fabric stof opruimen organiseren

I added some love adhesive foil, and then I started rolling on the fabric.

I secured the fabric with some pins or elastic bands.

And now my cupboard looks a lot better.What first looked like this,

Now looks like this.

I know it is only one shelf, but it’s work in progress. These are about 30 fabrics. I cutted 52 “fabric rollers” and I think I’ll need 52 more. AAAAAAaaaa I’m adicted to fabric!

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