This is how my cupboard looks now, pretty nice.

stoffenkast fabric cupboard


  • vintage fabric, stretch fabric, souvernir fabric
  • non-stretch, different kinds of fabric
  • non-stretch, different kinds of fabric
  • a box with fabric I use for muslins, a box with scrapfabric, on top of the boxes I keep my tule and organza

I still have some work to do! For now I’ll keep it this way. My cupboard is so ful, and I still have to unpack many fabric. The horror (lol). These are 100+ fabrics. I decided to stop buying fabric. First I need to get some space. When that’s done I’ll be organising my fabric by kind.  Now how did I get my fabric so neat? You”ll find the answer here.

Sometime ago I asked you how you organise your fabric. 46% organises them by kind of fabric, 37% uses colour as a guide.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration


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