1 buy a 2-sided tape measure with cm and inch

I’m in love with my 2-side tape measure. One side is cm and the other in inch. I never have to convert any pattern. Isn’t that a little piece of heaven? I bought mine at Veritas years ago. It was my graduation gift. Yes I give myself present from time to time. My other gift was donating money to a project that provides schooling for girls in India. Let’s cut the chit-chat here 🙂

lintmeter tape measure

2 measure your tape measure

The second tip is, measure your tape measure from time to time. Why you might ask? A tape measure is made from plastic and people pull a lot on them. So over time your tape measure can become stretched. That’s why.

Or if you leave you trusty tape measure on the heating, it can shrink.

Both are bad news if you want to get accurate measuring

lintmeter, tape measure

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