Who doesn’t love the polka dots Jess is rocking in New Girl? I know I do. That’s why I used her blue polka dot skirt as inspiration for mine.

copycat sewing challenge polka dot new girl

new girl bkue polka dot skirt

I decided to use my trusty self dafted flaired skirt as the base. I really love the style Jess is rocking. But I was afraid that it wouldn’t do any justice to my peary-body.

blue polka dot skirt

This is one of the easiest skirt I’ve ever made. I didn’t even bothered adding a waistband. But because it’s so basic it’s perfect for these polka dots. I was feeling like making something easy, fast and pretty. I did a pretty good job. I took the pictures after wearing the skirt for 2 days. The fabric isn’t exactly wrinkle-proof. My invisible zipper isn’t the best ever. But I bough an invisible zipper foot. This was the perfect excuse. 

blue polka dot skirt

I finished the seams with a red overlock treatment. I really love the extra pop of colour. But if I’m really honest. That isn’t the reason it is red. The real reason is that I didn’t feel like changing the threads to another colour in between 2 red project. So I checked if the red would show on the right side of the fabric.  And I was lucky. Being lazy can have some advantages.

copycat polka dot skirt


This skirt is on of my entries for the copycat sewing challenge organised by Ping (Peneloping) and Erin ( I Heart Fabric). I’ve said, on of the…. 3 pieces I’ll be making. The Challenge ends at 30 september so I only have one week left to complete the other 2. Oh girl! We’ll see if I manage. Do participate in this challenges? What did you make?

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