stoffen spektakel

I admit it, I’m a Stoffen Spektakel convert.

Years and years I didn’t went to  Stoffen Spektakel. It is big traveling fabric fair. Every sewers dream you might think? It wasn’t like that for me. Over 5 years ago I went there. I was early because I would have much time to take a look. Girl, was I disappointed! Every stall (is this the correct U.K. English word?) had the same cheap low quality fabric. You can imagine why I didn’t go back. I was really dissaponted. It was such a waist of time. I did buy a few fabrics, but they were all crap. I think I used them as sew on interfacing. I guess that’s enough information to tell how crap they were. 

So what made me decide to give it a second change? On facebook I’m part of a lovely group named “Stoffemiekes“, it’s something like, Fabric Girl if you translate is. It is a lovely group where we chat a lot about sewing, only in Dutch sorry, but there were popping up so many lovely fabric from people who visited Stoffenspektakel. Even then I kept being skeptical. I wanted to go in Antwerp, but decided not to go last minute. But then one of the participants in my sewingbee told me that you cold buy 8 cones over overlock thread for €10. Wow! That blow my mind, so cheap! I thought I’ve been buying cheep allready in Antwerp by paying €12 for 4. Was I wrong. So I thought, what the heck, if I can’t find any nice fabrics, I’ll still have cheap thread. 

So I talked to my mom and off we went. 

stof, fabric, tricot, jersey, stoffen spektakel


All these fabrics are jersey. The upper 2 will become t-shirts. The one down left will be al long dress à la Zooey, the one next to that will become a short dress à la Zooey. There will be no pleats in the dresses. 

Made: a dress from the fabric down left,

stof, fabric, trico, jersey, stoffen spektakel, kant, lace


The upper 2 are again jersey, and I’ll probably will use the “Zooey pattern” again. The odds are quite big that I will be using another pattern eventually. We’ll see how that works out. The other 2 are stretch lace. I have no specific pattern in mind, but I’ll probably use them in dresses. I just love dresses, don’t you?

Made: a dress from the fabric in the top left corner

garen, thread, rits, zipper, lint, ribbon



And off course I couldn’t leave with some fresh overlock thread. The first line isn’t white, but it’s transparant thread. My mom told me it’s a life saver. So I’ll be giving it a try. I was more expensive then the others. It was €3 per cone. If you’re planning on buying these puppies on Stoffen Spektakel, take your time to check out the prices. Afterwards I found another stall who sold them for €2. Regular overlock thread was everywhere the same price. Then I also picked up some long invisible zipper, all thogether they were €12 I guess. I don’t remember how much the ribbons were. I’m really pleased with these, they are brown, which isn’t that easy to find in Belgium. I don’t like black, so the next best thing is brown (or dark blue). My Mom was so kind to pay for some of my supplies. Thank you Mom!

So this was my experience. How’s yours? Did you ever went to this event, or a similar one? What did you bring home? If I can find you fabric treasure online, please leave the link in a comment below.

ps, I tried to make to picture of the fair, but they didn’t work out well. So I’ll show you then when I go a next time. If you want to visit Stoffen Spektakel, they will still be at a lot of place in Belgium and the Netherlands. Check out the calendar on their site

Thank you for commenting, I really enjoy reading them :)