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When I came back from Stoffenspektakel I went ahead and used my fabric immediately. Today I’ll be sharing a lovely dress with you. 

dress renfrew sewaholic jurk


This fabric was a gift from my Mom. It is a jersey fabric. This was from the prettiest stall. I’m really sad they don’t own a webshop. But on the other hand, my wallet is grateful they don’t. Thank you Mom for the lovely fabric! I hope you like the dress. I know I do.

renfrew dress jurk sewaholic


I used the Sewaholic Renfrew as the base. It is such a versatile pattern!  I seem to keep going back to it. Oh well, if it is a great pattern. I should use it over and over and over again. Here you can find all my Renfrew dresses in one place.

renfrew dress jurk sewaholic


I added a skirt to this top, otherwise the title of this post would be very wrong. I didn’t add pleats this time. There is so much going on in the fabric, I don’t think it would have added anything. 

I did added a waistband. But this was a waist of time. You can hardly see it because the pattern is so busy. I do think it gives and extra pop to many dress. I will be adding it in the future again, but probably only when I’m using this pattern with solids.

I reinforced the wiastband with strech interfacing. It shouldn’t be hard to find. Most haberdasheries should carry it. 

The cuffs are only half the size of the orginal. While I was sewing I thought about dropping then, but then the sleeves would be too short. I’m tall to I’ve been wearing clothes with sleeves that are too short for whole my life. So now I make my own clothes I’m so pleased I have sleeves that are perfect. I did had to add the cuffs, but I made them smaller. 

doctor who dress jurk renfrew

The Doctor

I wish, how cool would that be! But no, all I’ll get is this amazing Tardis. This picture is taken at F.A.C.T.S. I was a dreamy moment. Of course I know I’ll never be able to replace Rose. But still, one adventure with the Doctor would be amazing. I only started watching Doctor Who recently. And I’m still heartbroken by the epic goodbye. So sad,… But if you’re looking for a great show. This is it! If you like Harry Potter you’ll probably like Doctor Who too. So check it out!



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