cars blanket dekentje

My Godchild celebrated his birthday last week. He is crazy about Cars. So I thought he would like a Cars blankie. And he did! He loved his present. So did the other children at the party. They liked it so much they pretending to go to bed during play. 

cars blankie dekentje

The hunt for the perfect Cars fabric could begin. At de Stoffemiekes they pointed me in the right direction, but the stores they suggested only carried ugly Cars fabric. How hard is it to make lovely fabric from a cartoon? Luckely I bumped into They carry a lot of Cars fabric. I chose this lovely fabric.

But the hunt wasn’t over. I didn’t found the perfect fleece. And believe I cycled through every corner of Antwerp to find it. And eventually I found great fleece at Stoffen Joëlle, which is actually just around the corner. But I’ve got a perfect explanation. I bought fabric there once, and people who know the shop, know that fabric is pretty expensive there. And on top of that the staff was really rude. If you asked for help they would roll their eyes and sigh. Well that the reason I never went back. While cycling back home without fleece I remember that the shop had a new owner. So I thought let’s give it a try. They carry a lot of colours, it is super soft, and the new staff is just great!

The only thing that was easy, was finding the binding. I made it myself. Although I have to admit I did buy biaistape.

Now his older sisters also want a blankie. But she would like the have one with princessen riding horses. I’m pretty sure that will be even harder to find then Cars fabric. Luckely I have time till May. Any tips?

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  1. Great fabric, my kiddo would love that! He might want something other than a blankie though. I can get that the recipiant was very happy with your gift.

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