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I made a Galaxy dress! It turned out so pretty!I’ve been drooling over all those pretty galaxy dresses in the blogosphere. I’m so happy I join in on the galaxy dress party now! And also in the Belladone dress party! Double win! Actually I wanted to wear it for “The Day of the Doctor”, but I didn’t finish in time. 

Galaxy, Dress, Jurk, Belladone, Deer & Doe, Timeless Treasures


I ordered a pretty Tardis fabric form Spoonflower, but that one is still on it’s way. A few day before “the big day” I was searching for an alternative. A Galaxy dress it would be. So I popped by in every fabric store in Antwerp, and, no one could help me. I was very dumped that I wouldn’t have a special dress. But hey, there are worse things in the world. But at once the desired fabric arrived in one the fabric store arround my corner. Lucky for me one of my fellow sewist spotted it for me. At Stoffen Joëlle arrived a fresh batch of fabric, apparently a few hours after I left the shops days before. So with timing running out I went home and started sewing up my new dress with this pretty fabric “Solar System” from Timeless Treasures. 

It wasn’t the first time I wanted to buy a galaxy fabric, but most of them are with black as a basic colour. And that isn’t excatly my colour. I look like I’m raised from the death while wearing it. So black is a big no-no for me. I’m pretty suer you imagine how happy I was when I took this fabric home with me. Next time I’ll hug the sales person 🙂

Galaxy, Belladone, Timeless Treasures, Deer & Doe, Dress, Jurk,


I used the Robe Belladonne pattern by Deer & Doe. I was on my to-sew-list for a very long time. This fabric is perfect for it!

I bought my pattern very long time ago. So I only had French instructions. I do understand French, but I didn’t get sewing vocabulary in college. 

Galaxy, dress, jurk, Timeless Treasures


I don’t like zippers in the center back so I put mine in the side seam. I love it when the pattern continues but with a zipper it’s hard to match it up perfectly. With this fabric it’s extremely hard. Since I didn’t have a center back zipper I needed to work very carefully to get a sharp “V”. It did take time and patience. Especially since it was the first time, but I’m very pleased with the result. 

I made a tutorial about removing the center back seam from the Belladone dress, and any other dress in fact.

I also used 1 cm seam allowence at the shoulders and waistband. I’m 1m78, so a bit bigger then the ideal hight for this pattern. By doing this tiny tweak everything falls in the right place.

The dress is a too wide for me now. The next time I’ll go down a size.

Galaxy, Belladone, Deer & Doe, Timeless Treasures, dress, jurk

Galaxy, dress, jurk

The Doctor

Like I told you, the dress wasn’t ready for “The day of the Doctor”. I made this dress as a part of the “Doctor Who Sew Along“. But there will be a Doctor Who living party for the Christmas episode. I know what I’ll be wearing then. I’ve also made something to make a little bit more Doctor Who-ish and not just a galaxy dress. But you’ll have to wait until Christmas to find it out. 

Galaxy, dress, jurk, Deer & Doe, Belladone, Timeless Treasures

Galaxy, dress, jurk, Timeless Treasures, Belladone, Deer & Doe



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