I recieved some questions about the rules of this challenge. So I gave it a deep thought and these are the rules. If there is still something unclear, please let me know. 

Ground Rule

When you use, sell or give away 3 fabrics you can buy 1 new. Or the personal goal you set, like I explaned in this video


Fabric is “out” when:

  • you made the project you bought it for or
  • you used at least 3/4’th of the fabric
  • Pieces longer then 3 yards: when you used at least 1 yard
  • If you make something form scrap pieces and all together they are at least 1 yard long


  • Lining and interfacing don’t count
  • If you have too few fabric to finish your project but only if it is exactly the same fabric.
  • if you go to a sewing(blog)meet and there is a fabric swap. You can only take home as much as you brought with you. This exception can be used 2 times. Of course you can also swap among friends, but the same rules apply.
  • Once per season you can use a wildcard. 4 time a year you can buy and extra fabric or you can buy 4 extra fabrics at once
  • You can choose if you count gifted fabrics. If you ask everyone to give you fabrics it’s cheating 😉 Only spontaneous gifts count for this exception. 

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