stashbusting 3 out 1 in

January is over. Are you curious about my stashbusting last month? Do I still own 120 fabrics? 



//Let’s start with the fabrics that’s out. I took a picture of almost every fabric that left the house. That’s pretty good!

stashbusting 3 out 1 in

I donated this pile of fabric to a project about sewing with underpriviliged. -16

stashbusting 3 out 1 in

I made 2 super cute baby dresses out of these. I blogged one. The other one won’t make it onto my blog. I blog about “big people clothes”, but sometimes a cutie like this gets blogged too. -3

I forgot to take a picture from the fabric I took with me on the blogmeet. 4 pieces of fabric found a new owner. I was very pleased, especially because I got to chose 4 new fabrics. -4

I’ve also donated 2 big bags of scraps of fabric. Both of them contained several meters of fabric, so that’s -2.


stashbusting 3 out 1 in

These are the fabrics I took home from the blogmeet. The top one was (and now it’s mine-mine-mine) from Edje, the two middle ones came from Hanne, and the last one was from Anneke.  +4

Stashbusting 3 out 1 in

These are fabrics I bought. Since one of my Sewalutions is to sew more for others, I needed some fun fabrics for children. Since I have some nieces and nephews I really needed those. And off course I couldn’t forget my niece her made-to-measure fleece blankie “One with princesses who ride horses”. Try to find that! Well I did try and I did find. +6


At the end of the month I count -21 and + 6 following the regular rules. I used one of the exceptions. I got rid of 4 fabrics at the blogmeet and I took 4 back home. I can even buy an extra fabric! But I’ll use my Joker later. And I still have a pile of fabric I’ll be selling. For now stashbusting is treating me well! I didn’t sew much in January, I spended a ton a of time prewashing and ironing my fabrics. Living without a washer for a few year while fabric hoarding, that isn’t good for a sewist! But all the hard work pays off. Now I get to choose out of all the lovely fabrics without being scared that it will shrink! Believe me, after all those year, it’s the best feeling ever!!! Don’t tell this to people I know IRL, they’ll think I’m completely bonkers! But hey, all the best people are! 

stashbusting fabric 3 out 1 in

How did the first month of stashbusting worked out for you? I’m very curious! If you wrote a blogpost about it, leave a link in the comments!

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