stashbusting 3 out 1 in

February is over. Are you curious about my stashbusting progress?


Let’s start with the fabrics that’s out. I forgot to take a picture from one. It was a blue denim I turned into bias tape. 

stashbusting 3 out 1 in

I used this pile to give away  and use for swaps.

stashbusting 3 out 1 in

You will recognize this fabric from the give away I hosted a few weeks ago. 

Stashbusting, 3 out 1 in I gave away the green polka dot fabric, the blue one this dress now. 


stashbusting 3 out 1 in

I added 4 fabrics to my stash this month. The pink fleece is for the blankie my niece ordered. The purple fabris is another story. I didn’t want to buy it but I bought too few yardage from the one I bought last month. And since I bought it in the US and (again) I couldn’t find the same one closer to home I decided to buy this one. The hearts are smaller but it will still be pretty. The green hearts are for me. I’ll be making the wrap dress from the book  Homemade. I adjusted the pattern (you know me don’t you) and traced. The ochre will be a light summer sweater. I’ll be using the  Renfrew pattern. +4


At the end of january I could buy one more fabric. I used the polka dot fabric for my dress, I gave 7 fabrics away and I turned one into bias tape. So I could buy 4 fabrics. And that’s perfect since I have 4 new fabrics. That was a close call! I didn’t need to use any of the exceptions. I hope March will give me the same verdict.

stashbusting fabric 3 out 1 in

How is stashbusting working out for you? I’m very curious! If you wrote a blogpost about it, leave a link in the comments!

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