Stashbusting, 3 out 1 in

//Mach is allready a while behind us but I still need to share my stashbusting progress. I must tell you in all honesty, march was hard! Very hard.


//Let’s start with the fabrics that’s out. Or should I say the fabric, that’s right I only used one last month and a gave a bag of fabric (scraps) away. That also counts as 1. -2

stashbusting, 3 out 1 in



 I added 4 fabrics to my stash this month. I bought the map to use for the ‘Sew Dolly Claket’ Sewalong . Unfortuanally I didn’t make the deadline. Being Ill is a *****. The flowery fabric is a lovely stable knit fabric, by now it’s a pretty Renfrew dress in fact, I’m wearing it while writing this post, hihi. The green fabric with butterflies is one I ordered a while back, a long while back, in november to be exact. I had to wait for a long time before they shop had it back in stock again. It is super pretty and I turned it into, *trrrrr* a dress! If you follow me on Twitter you might saw the snaek peek. The polka dot fabric is one of those fabrics I was searching for, wel euhm, I was searching for a perfect shade of orange polka dots forever and now I finally found it! On Instragram I showed you the pattern I’ll be using for it. ummer sweater. +4


 At the end of february I had one lonely fabric left, and in march I gave it two friends. I could buy 1 fabric and I had to use 3 wildcards, 3! I only have one left for 9 months now! We’ll see how april works out.

stashbusting fabric 3 out 1 in

How is stashbusting working out for you? I’m very curious! If you wrote a blogpost about it, please leave a link in the comments.

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