This week on Sew it Up the contestants had to make clothes without using fabric! I love these kind of challenges, and this reminded me that I never shared my makes for the Syntra Fashion show (part of the fashion design program) a few year ago. Today is the day that it will change

All the pictures are made by Chippo Photograpy

_MG_3534If you don’t know the Suffragettes, these are women whom fight for the rights of women, one of the things they fought for is the voting right. We should thank them very much, they had a though fight and didn’t give up! The Suffragettes have been arround for a long time, they didn’t pop up out of knowhere but because in many countries women gained the right to vote in the 20s or a bit before I decided to use them as my inspiration.

Sufragettes - Feminism in the 20'sThe top of the dress made out of flyers from the suffragetes, voting right for woman and pictures of the suffragettes.

The skirt is made out of a play about Markies de Sade. Markies the Sade wasn’t the guy you wanted to marry to say it in a polite way. The word saddist is there because of him, so that gives you a picture of who he was.

Suffragettes fashion design

The Golden 20s

In the beginning of 20’s there was a lot of wealth and prosparety. There is reasing why there are very decadent parties in most movies about the 20s, just to give an example, the Great Gatsy.

Golden 20s As you can see this dress is made out of diskettes. It was a ton of work! I had to take off the silver part, spray paint it gold, and then put it back on. Especially that part was hard since spring that puts it into place went missing along the proces. I had to glue them all to the diskette! Then I hand sewed them together by hand for which I used a weird technique I invented to be sure that it would stay together.

In the end the dress war super heavy. Hannah I’m so sorry the I put you through this!

img018Roaring 20s

After the crash on wallstreet in 1929 all the weath and prosparety was gone in one single day! The end of the 20s are very different then the beginning. That’s how the roaring 20s came to life.

Roaring 20's The top of the dress is fabric, yup I did use some fabric. The skirt part is made out of garbage bags. I chose for this contrast because of the sudden change after the crash.

roaring 20s


// That was quick! I you would like gain some more insight into the process of making this dresses. Please let me know and I’ll be happy to write about them. I have a ton of pictures, sketches,… so there is enough to write about. I can tell a ton more about the inspiration. I decided to write small summaries because I wanted to include all three of them. So, if you want to know more, just ask!

Maybe you’re wondering why you didn’t hear about my studies sooner, of if you follow me for a long time, why it stopped. Well I did started my second year, it’s a three year studie in night school. But during my second year I got pretty sick. Since it is night school and I had a hard time just getting work. I was exhausted when I got home. I tried to keep up but at that time it was impossible. When I desided to quit I cried my eyes out. I was so sad, and that probably the reason I never wrote about it, I didn’t old anyone unless they asked about it, so yeah, that was hard for me. I decided that I would give myself of year of sabbat. And that year is almost to an and it’s time to start thinking about going back to school. Actually I gave it a lot of tought and made up my mind. But I’ll share my decision with you very soon.

Talk to you soon!

If you would like to know more about the education and fashion design in general, here you can read a fun interview.




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