I have some catching up to dot! Today I’ll share you the stashbusting adventures from April and tomorrow I’l share May.

Stashbusting, 3 out 1 in


Let’s start with the fabrics I used. I made 3 dresses, so that counts for 3 out. Whippie! I already blogged 2 of them, Butterfly Belladone and Flowery Spring dress. The third one will be online soon. You can find the third dress here. -3

Stashbusting, 3 out 1 in



Stashbusting, 3 out 1 in

In April my partner and I went on a lovely Holliday to Harris and Lewis. Little did I know that it was tweed paradise! They have so many pretty handmade tweed. It’s tweed heaven! Oh well I bought 2 pretty pieces that will become lovely winter staples. +2


Since I made 3 dresses I could buy 1 piece of fabric. Luckely I still had a wildcard! That tweed was too lovely! But now I have zero wild cards left! Let’s see how that works out for the rest of year!

stashbusting fabric 3 out 1 in

How is stashbusting working out for you? I’m very curious! If you wrote a blogpost about it, please leave a link in the comments.

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