As promised, here’s May’s update.

Stashbusting 3 out 1 in



//This month there are also 3 fabrics that I used. I used them together to make a blankie for my niece. She was over the moon with her present. But she did told me how she wanted here blankie to look like a while ago, ‘I want one with princesses riding horses’ Oh boy what a challenge! Luckely I found the perfect fabric after spending a *** load of time on google and etsy. . -3


Stashbusting 3 out 1 in IMG_20140525_175528Enjoying her blankie after the party. She was super tired.


Stashbusting 3 out 1 in

I almost did’t buy any fabric last month but then Eleonore had the need of making this super pretty skirt and I just need to make the same on! Or maybe I’ll be using the fabric for dress. It’s so pretty!   +1



I was alowed one fabric and that’s the amount I bought

stashbusting fabric 3 out 1 in

How is stashbusting working out for you? I’m very curious! If you wrote a blogpost about it, please leave a link in the comments.

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