Before I take off, yes I have a creepy smile and yes my skin looks grey. I took these pictures a long time ago, the time when I was ill for about a month, yuk! But let’s continue to the topic of the day my newest renfrew dress. I admit I’m an addict!

renfrew dress, stoffenspektakel



I bought this pretty and very sturdy knit fabric at stoffenspektakel while back. Actually I spotted this fabric during a previous edition but since I all ready bought quite some fabric then, I descided not to. Of course that fabric was the one I couldn’t get out of my head. I was super happy when they still had it. It was the last piece! Taking that first snip in the fabric was prette nervwracking since it was only 1,6 meters.

 renfrew dress, stoffenspektakel


And again I used the renfrew and self drafted flared skirt combo. You can neve go wrong with this combo!

renfrew dress, stoffenspektakel


After making so many Renfrews I nailed the fit. Allthough, I did stretch the waist a little while sewing. Well, more space for dinner!


renfrew dress, stoffenspektakel

creepy smile ftw


I added a skirt to the top 🙂


renfrew dress, stoffenspektakel, rolled hem, rolzoom

 New technique

I used the rolled hem option on my overlock! Woohoo! Next time I have to set the stitch lenght to the smallest.


renfrew dress, stoffenspektakel

The Feel

This dress is a pj you can wear everywhere! Love it!

renfrew dress, stoffenspektakel



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