Probebly you’ll know this problem very well . You’re stroling around in the fabric shop and find the perfect piece of fabric. You take a few minutes to think about what you’ll be making, but then the big question pops, how much fabric do I need? And there are only 2 options, either you buy way to much, or it’s just a littel bit too small. After fiddeling about with the patterns pieces for hours you have to give and give that perfect fabric another goal.

how much fabric 3

I used to have the problem all the time! Luckely I bumped into the ‘How much fabric?’ Refence Cards. Believe, you won’t be able to live without these once you get used to them. That’s why I bought the digital cards so I’ll always have them with me to find out how much fabric I need for a project.

how much fabric 2

/But how does it work? First you need find out your size.

how much fabric 1

Then you have to go and find the card of the garment you want to make. You’ll find 2 widths and 3 ‘words per width ‘min, ‘avg’ and ‘max’. If you watch closely you can see that per width there are 2 white colums and one grey. Keep that in mind for the next step. Btw, underneeth the white stain you can find the lenght of the fabric, as you probably allready guessed.

how much fabric 4Now it’s time to find out what you can make with amout x of fabric. Now you can see the division by colour again, but this time it’s grey-white-grey, and there are dashed lines.I love the dashed lines, they tell you where the shoulders, waist, knees and hips are.  It makes it so much easier to picture what you need.

If you have no idea what you’ll be making, except for the type of garment, then there is another grid, that you can’t really see on the pic, but it tells you how many % of eg. dress you can make by adding x-fabric to the average fabric of your size.  How cool is that!

Gwen spended years of putting the envelope information of patterns in spreadsheets. Honestly, she’s a saint! I wouldn’t have the patience! But that to her I don’t need it. I’m so thankfull that she made these super usefull cards.

Fabric CartoonDoes anybody know the source for this cartoon?

 And I’m  really thankfull that she offered me a (1) set to give away here on my blog, after I told here how much I love her cards!

So, what do you need to do in order to win, surf to her website, and when you come back I would like to know which set you would love to own. But don’t wait too long because this give away is quicky! You can enter untill the 13th’ of july.

Next week I’ll announce the winner. You have to check back in order to know If you won. It’s really importand to do this, there are still 2 winners whom didn’t contacted me after the last give away. If they don’t contact me by sunday I’ll also announce new winners for those prices.

And I can also let you in on a secret, soon you’ll have the possibility to win a second set of these cards. Isn’t that great? But I can understand if you don’t have the patience to wait for the give aways to pass, so go ahead and get them. You won’t regret it.

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