It’s almost my birthday! That means it’s give away time! Continue to find out what I’ll be giving away!

b-day give away


To enter you have to send me your birthday wishes!

So start sendig out those postcards! To get my adress you have to send an e-mail to My boyfriend will be answering these mails to keep it even more exciting for me! Your card should reach me the latest at August 14, my birthday. I’ll announce a winner on the 15’th.

An here is the lovely price pack

A big thank you to My Image, Liesellove, Liola PatternsĀ  and Gwyn Hug!

  • If you would like a price, just let me know at and we’ll work out the details

If somebody ads a price I’ll make sure to give an update.

Btw, if you have a few minutes to spare I would love it if you fill out the readers survey. Thank you so much for doing this!


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