For a while now I was planning on making my own swimwear. But finding the resources was a pain in the **** if you live in Belgium. Well I did manage, so let’s get started.

Before I really start I would like to share something. I don’t have a perfect body and I’m pretty sure nobody has that. So this is me, but it’s a huge step for me to be on my blog with these few clothes on. I’m pretty sure it’s a big step for most blogger who decide to share there swimwear or lingerie, it’s no different for me.

The other option was sharing pictures of the clothing but not wearing it. But how would that be interesting? You can’t see the fit, and it would be super hard to project the bikini on yourself when deciding if this could be a good pattern for you. So that was a big no-no for me.

Since the beginning of this blog I decided I would not alter my pictures. I am me, so why should I hide that? We get smacked in the face with too many highly airbrushed pictured and I didn’t want to be part of that trend. So after years of blogging it comes to the point I share pictures of me in my bikini. Well this is me, no more no less, just me.


 I bought this lycra at Joëlle Modestoffen. After spending the day cycling to all the fabric shops Antwerp owns I got this. Not the prettiest ever, but still I like it. Finding swimwear fabric is really had! But hey, I did manage to find some.

I used somekind of polyester for the lining but I have no idea how it is actually called. And my lovely book won’t help me out this time.



I used the Soma Simsuit pattern by Papercut patterns. This is a pattern with many options. You can make a swimsuit, 2 tops and 2 bottoms. So many options for one pattern! The pattern cots 16,09 euro with shipping included from Australia to were you live. A good price is you ask me!



I used a size S for the top and size L for the bottoms. Did I even mention I’m a pear? Probably a gazillion times by now, but hey, I’m still a pear. 

The top fits really wel. I would even say it fits perfectly! I didn’t add padding but I used 4 layers of lining (like Lladybird recommended). It’s pretty hard to sew up all those layers of fabric. Next time I’ll figure out an other solution. Don’t know what it will be just jet, but I’ll figure it out.

The bottom needs some more work then the top. For starters, I streched the elastic way to much! Hello lovehandles! So next time I’ll probably cut of 95% of the circumference and use that. Hopefully I’ll be able to say bye-bye lovehandles with that adjustment. I also need to lenghten the crotch. Now my butcrack it just covered. So let’s be honest, would you feel safe then? So I’ll need to fix that too, and while I’m fixing it I’ll make a tutorial for you ladies. After these 2 fixes it should be perfect!



Non, since it was a muslin and my first swimwear item ever I descided to just make them and do the adjustment on the next version.


New technique

Yes indeed! I made a bikini for the first time ever!


The Feel

The top is perfect and I feel really safe in it! I do need to make some adjustment to the bottom to feel really comfortable in them. But even then, this is the first bottom that doesn’t sneak in between my butcheecks ever!


Btw, don’t forget about the give away and the survey.

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