Today we’ll be checking out the needed materials to make our awesome swimsuit! You don’t need all of them for every project. Your pattern should state what and how much you need.

swimwear week supplies Swimwear supplies

Swimwearweek supplies fabric Swimwear supplies


The most used fabric to make swimwear is Lycra or Spandex. Most of the time it is the same fabric as used for clothing for gymnast, not all of it, but still a lot of it. If you buy fabric always ask if it is suitable for swimwear.

Solids are pretty easy to find, even in Belgium, if you love print it’s harder. I found my fabrics at Stoffen Joëlle and The Fabric Fairy.

Swimwearweek supplies lining Swimwear supplies


There does exist something called swimwear lining (and you can find it here). Isn’t that usefull? The lining I used is a mix of Lycra and Polyester. It didn’t got the name swimwear lining but it does the job. I bought it at Stoffen Joëlle.

Swimwearweek supplies thread Swimwear supplies


Always use 100% polyester thread. This can be the regular sewing bobbins, the cones for the overlock or flock thread. Flockthread (or Serafil = bandname) is a very soft jet sturdy thread. In rtw it’s used in underwear and (tada) swimwear. The previous bikini I bought is made with this type of thread. It’s super soft! Sadly the thread is kind of expencive.

Never use cotton thread to sew up your swimwear. Over time the cholrine will eat it over time. Unless you’re planning a surprise for ‘that special someone’ it’s a big no-no.

Swimwearweek supplies elastic Swimwear supplies

Elastiek // Elastic

Alway use swimwear elastic. Regular elastic will become hard and loose their strech for same reason why cotton thread isn’t a good idea. I bought my swimwear elastic at Lijfgoed

Swimwearweek supplies foe Swimwear supplies


 Foe = Fold over elastic. It’s kinda like elastic biastape. Some pattern will ask you to use this instead of the regular swimwear elastic. If you would like to use these patterns with regular swimwear elastic, you should add seamallowance. I bought mine at Lijfgoed

Bra strapping

 Most patterns ask for bra strapping. You can buy this per metre. I bought mine at Lijfgoed.


 If you want you can add cups to give your swimwear a little more shape. Do try the cups before buying them. I bought some and well, I look like Madonna. They are giving me serious cones. That’s a big no-no.

Some patterns ask for a swimwear closure and bra rings.

Always read your pattern to find out which supplies you need.

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Where do buy supplies for your swimwear?
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