Ready to make you own swimwear? Today I’ll share some tips & trics.

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// Use stretch needles. I love these and I find that they are better for swimwear then jersey needles.

I finish my swimwear with 1 needle and a zigzag stitch. You could use a twin needle, but make sure you don’t have to stretch your swimwear a lot. Otherwise the threads will snap.

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Sewing machine

//Swimwear material is super slippery, make sure you pin everything safely before sewing.

Use a walking foot if you own one.

Use a narrow zigzag (1,5 breed, 2 a 2,5 lang) to join the seams. I wouldn’t recommand using the lightninbolt stitch (I really love it) but it’s just no good in this context. I was horrible! Just don’t go there.

When attaching the elastic give a slight pull, just a bit of tention, not too much not too little. I know, this isn’t a great help. You should just try it and you’ll know when it’s too thight of too loose. It’s practise, sorry girls and guys.

When turning the elastic in to topstitch it, give a good pull. If you don’t you thread will snap or you won’t be able to pull your knickers over your bottom. When you finished it will look at bit  wibbly-wobbly (hihi) but it will look great when you put it on.

The above applies on foe too

wibbly wobbly seams


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Use stretch needles.

Use good quality thread. I used cheap one at the first try and my thread kept snapping. By changing the thread the problem was gone.

If you sew while serging you should use both the serger’s needles

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