Yay! Today I can share my Netmin swimsuit with you girls and guys. Earlier this week I shared my bikini.  netmin Netmin Swimsuit   Thank you so-so-so much for all the lovely and supportive comment on my bikini post. Girl Power! netmin 5 Netmin Swimsuit   Fabric I found this pretty fabric after spending days on google. Luckely I found it here. The lining is a mix of lycra and polyester.  netmin 4 Netmin Swimsuit


I used the Nettie as a base and the Jasmin Bra as the top netmin 8 Netmin Swimsuit

Fit Next time I’ll lenghten the Nettie with one or two cm. It’s a tad bit too short. I did make a quick muslin but in jersey. Oh well next time will be perfect. netmin 1 Netmin Swimsuit


It was a case of cut and paste. I cutted the Nettie right underneeth my bust. I made the Jasmin Bra a bit narrower and lowered the back. And that’s how the Netmin Swimsuit was born. With a big thanks to Andrea for the idea.   netmin 6 Netmin Swimsuit

 New technique

This time I used my serger most of the time. And I made a racer back with the traps. netmin 2 Netmin Swimsuit

The Feel

 This is just a great swimsuit! I love the shape, to colour, the fact that it doesn’t slip in between my buttcheeks (very important!). I just love it! Btw, dit I mention this is my entrie for Oonapalooza?


http://foursquarewalls.blogspot.be/2014/07/swimsuit-sewing-saga.html IMG_1617 http://foursquarewalls.blogspot.be/2014/07/swimsuit-sewing-saga.html Btw, don’t forget about the give away and the survey. swimwearweek announcement Netmin Swimsuit See you tomorrow at 7pm (Brussel time) to make swimwear cover-up, both sew & no sew Doesn’t this look like somthing you could catch Oona in?

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