Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in your favour.

And so it begins, the mother of competition Sew It Up, where I get to be a part of! Today I can share my 20s inspired dress with you. And starting from today untill thursday you can pop on over to the Sew It Up website and vote.



Honestly, I think this is the most challenging out of the 5 challenges we’ve got. I do love the 20’se, but let’s be fair. That decade didn’t considere pear chaped woman. Falppers and all there pretty dresses are awesome,  but just not for my body type. So it took me a while, what did I say, at ton of time to get a final idea of what I wanted to make. After spending another few hours on the internet I found this dress. And I loved it the moment I saw it. And since then I haven’t looked back. I made up my mind. My dress would be a modern interpretation of this dress.

Bron / Source

 I didn’t turn out to be typical 20’s, but that wasn’t my plan. I did used some typical 20’s elements, a draped back, a loose fitted top and scaloped hem.



I used cotton and chiffon I bought at Moens Modestoffen.


I drafted most of the pattern myself. I made a basic sloper using this book, and using Pattern Magic 2 I transformed it into the draped back. With a littel bit of imagination I added the  boatneck and the looseness into the font of the top. Underneath the chiffon there is a bustier I mode using Burda 03/2013 #112.  The skirt is just 3 layers of gathered retangles with scalops at the edges. 


I’m very pleased with the fit of the dress. I love how it give so much attention to the waist. I was scared that the loose top would make me look super big, but that isn’t the case. In fact I think I should try out more loose fitted tops. I’m really happy with how the dres turned out.


Burda 03/2013 #11 is a pattern for girl with big boobs, very big boobs. I had to take out 8 centimeter! 8! In my case that’s an extra boob. Andsince it’s a pattern for ladies with a short torso I had to add 4,5 centimeters to the lenght. 

New technique

I’ve learned a ton of crisis management skills during the making of this dress. Once when I found out that a walking foot is chiffon heaven, my foot broke. I just kept on falling appoart and I broke a ton of needles. I even got a piece of it in my finger. Luckely that issue is fixed now, but by the time I could go to the store I did finish sewing the chiffon bits. When i happend they were just in the moving days to their new store. 

If that was the only thing, wel then it wasn’t that bad. But then my sewing machine decided that it was way cosier if the tread stayin in and didn;t came up anymore. I tried to fix it for hours! Stress isn’t good for the mind you know! After waisting hours of time  I finally started thinking clear and I realised my moms old sewingmachine was also here. It only had the standard foot, so inserting the invisble zipper would be interesting. After sewing for some time on my moms machine I realised that maybe, if I was was lucky I could screw the base of my sewingmachine feet (the thingy where you snap the feet on to)onto my moms machine. And I did work out! Well that was a huge relief! By now I stopped by ste sewing machine store and my sewingmachine is wokring like a charm again.

The Feel

I am very pleased with my dress, not a typical 20s dress, but still, there is a hinge. Love it!

What do you think? Do you like my interpretation? I would love it if you would vote for me.


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