Thank you so-so much to everyone who voted for me. I’m still in the competition! I really appreciate it. Although I’m really pleased I’m still part of the game, I’m also sad that we have to say goodbye to Els. Els made a really pretty dress on which she added some really cool beading and embroidery. It’s really sad to see her go. I would love it if you would pop over to her blog and check out all the lovely she makes.

And now it’s time to discus my coat, that was the challenge for this week. Make a wintercoat with lining and at least one buttonhole. If you like it, I would love it if you vote for me. But first I’ll tell you a bit more.

Vogue 8465



//I bought this wool about a year ago. I planned on turning it into a cape. As you an tell that plan didn’t work out. Eventhough I had this pretty wool on hand I only decided to use it last minute. I was debating 2 fabrics, a dark purple and a glittery beige/browinsh one. I wanted to use the puple but my partner thought it was too dark. It would take away a lot of the features of the pattern. He was right, but a big glittery coat isn’t something I would get much wear out of. So it was back to back. And at one point I almost ran out to the fabric shop when I reminded myself that I still had this pretty piece of fabric. It was 20 cm shorter then the pattern needed. But let’s be honest, on those plans there’s always a meter space in between every pattern piece.

Vogue 8465


 I used Vogue 8465. A pretty classic and classy pattern. I do have a ton of patten magazines with coats in. I buy at least one every winter for the last 5 year, for when I would make a coat. But even with all thos patterns I still bought another one. Whoopsie. 

Vogue 8465


 I like the fit and how this patter accentuates your upper body. It looks really nice. I did cutted the pattern 2 sizes smaller then the sizing chart recommened. If I would make the coat again I would cut the back bodice and the sleeves on the biais. That way there is a bit of movement in the fabric. Or is that is really bad idea?

Vogue 8465


The bodice was a bit too short for me so I added 2 cm. I also added pockets in the side seams. With variation A there were pocked, in B and C not. Pretty strange since the pattern pieces were there. I made them using the scraps from the wool. My hand will be super warm. I also adjusted a bit at the lining. In the skirt part there was first a piece of wool before the actual lining fabric is used so I thought it was a bit strange if I didn’t do the same to the bodice. So I drafted some extra pattern pieces.

Vogue 8465

 New technique

 I can’t really think of a technique that I tried for the first time  now.

Vogue 8465

 The Feel

The coat is super warm and twirly. A great combo if you ask me. I’ll be so warm this winter. I do hope we get a real winter in Belgium this year with a ton of snow, and not just a really long autumn like last year.

What do you think? Would you make or wear a coat like this? I would love it if you would vote for me.

Do I get your vote? 



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