Thank you so-so much to everyone who voted for me. I’m really happy that I can show you what I made for round 3, but I’m over the moon because I was last weeks winner! Thank you so much for this! Although I’m really pleased I’m still part of the game, I’m also sad that we have to say goodbye to Ilse. Ilse made a lovely blue coat. Please check out her blog to keep up to date with all the thing she makes.

This weeks challenge is Movie Night, my favourite. I choose The little Mermaid. If you know me this won’t be a surprise since it’s my all time favourite. If you my Ariel look, I would love it if you vote for me. But first I’ll tell you a bit more.

ariel Lieke 4




 Ariel, The little mermaid! My all time favourite, and since I was about 2 years old when it was released I can be pretty sure about that. So it wasn’t hard for me to decide which movie I would choose. I tried to imagine what Ariel would wear on a casual day out when she is where the people are.

ariel Lieke 1

The dress

I’ve been drooling over this fabric for some time. I reminded my so much of mermaids, and it impossible not to love mermaid sequin. The sequin also have surpise, right now the’re just pretty mermaid sequins, but they actually have a nap. If you rub them in the oposite direction this become mat black. It even has a leathery look to it. It is a beautifull efffect which is hard to show in pictures. But I didn’t really have a project to go with so I just left it where it was untill Sew It Up gave me the perfect excuse.

Since the fabric is so bold I wanted the shape be very simple. That’s why I chose the Harlequin from La Maison Victor.

Wednesday I’ll post an article with all the details from this dress.

ariel Lieke 2


 This cardigan is just great! It is one of the cardigans you would like to live it. The pattern is from knipmode 09/2010. You can’t find it in their online shop. Which is sad since it’s such a great pattern. The fabric is from Moens.  

Tomorrow I’ll tell you some more about this cardigan.

ariel Lieke 9


So why did I chose this outfit? When Ariel is walking on the shore the likes to feel connected to the sea. By wearing a dress that reminds her of a mermaid she carries that piece of here with her. The vest is like an etarnal hug she wears in the same colour of the shells. And it also mutes her loud dress. When Ariel is at the shore the most she wants is to blend it. So that’s why the vest is great. That way she can stay connected while blending in.

I think it’s pretty obvious why I chose these colours. These are the colours Ariel wears in the sea.

ariel Lieke 7

Do you like my casual Ariel? I would love it if you would vote for me.


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