As promised I’ll tell you some more about my Ariel cardigan. I made it for Sew It Up. So if  you like my Ariel look I would love it if you gave me your vote. You can find out more about the outfit here.

ariel 071



I bought this very thik knit fabric a whole while ago at Moens. While seaching for fabrics in my stash I loved how perfect this would be for Ariel.

ariel 026


I used Knipmode pattern nr 13 from the september issue in 2010. It is a great pattern. So Knipmode I would make this pattern available online as soon as possible. 

ariel 087


The fit is perfect! That’s why I love Knipmode! Those patterns always fit me, even the sleeves are long enough! 

ariel 080


The only thing I needed to do is grade the pattern up to a bigger size at the bottom. Pears will be pears. But if that’s the only thing I need to change I’m really happy!

ariel 072

New technique

Nope, unless ironing on 4-way stretch interfacing counts?

ariel 011The Feel

This cardigan is like wearing a hug. So comfy! I’ve been living in this one since I made it. I’m ever wearing it while writing this post.

What do you think? Would you make or wear a cardigan like this? I would love it if you would vote for me.


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