Wow! Week 4 and I’m still in the competition! That’s more than I expected. Thank you so much for all the support! The challenge of this week is to take a picture from your childhood and use it as in inspiration for your outfit. We also had to say goodbye to Anske. You can check out what she makes on her blog. And I can tell that the outfit she made for this week is a great one!

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Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up



I chose a picture from my christening. The main reason for that I chose this picture is because my mom made this dress. Thanks to her I got into sewing. I remember wachting her sew, it was so cool too see that. Maybe it was a way of hypotising me. I wore this dress in the 90’s. And I still like it. I wouldn’t wear it now, but I still think it was one of the prettier dresses that the girls wore that day. I now I am biased. My niece also really likes this dress. It a Barbie dress. I must admit I do loved pink a lot when I was young. Since she saw the dress she’s asking me all the time when she can have it so she can play in it. And she promised to play carefully in it.

I mostly wanted to catch the feel of the dress and not to make a modern copy of it. I started out by thinking, if I would do my christening now, what would I be wearing? And while I was making it, it evolved into, what would the big sister be wearing to the christening.


Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up


I bought this fabric from my neighbour during the sale we organised a few months ago. If I’m correct it’s one of the fabrics she  bought in Brazil where she lived for some time. It cotton. The dress is fully lined with cotton lawn. 

Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It UpCambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up


I used Sewaholic’s Cambie pattern. The pattern was on my to sew list for a very long. And I’m really happy I finally used it. The dress is feels so great! i

Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It UpCambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up

The fit is nice. I love this dress. Dresses that are fitted at the waist an then flair out are my favourite!

Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It UpCambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up


The pattern is pretty short so I added 3,5 centimeters to the top. But I must admit that I might would take 0,5 or even 1 cm off when I make it again.  

The fabric is onlyu 90cm wide so I used the with of the fabric for the gathered skirt instead of the patten provided.

I used an other pocket then the one provided with the dress.  

Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up
Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up

New technique

I did, and it’s one I’m pretty proud of. I finally manages to figure out how I can add side seam pockets and a zipp in the same seam. And it isn’t even that hard.

Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up

 Butterfly biais on the new dress, butterfly ribbon on the tiny dress.
Cambie Sewahaholic Sew It Up

 The Feel

 I’m really happy with this dress. I’m very sure I’ll wear it a lot. I feels so great. And my mom loves this dress. Mission accomplished .

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