Thank you so-so much to everyone who voted for me. I hardly can believe I made it into the final! Wow! Thank you for all your support the last few weeks. One more week and I won’t be begging you to vote for me anymore. That will be weird. This week we had to say goodbye to Froukje. She made some really nice things. Follow her on instagram to check out the new things she’s making. 

This weeks challenge is signature style. Make at least 3 items that represent you signature style.

Since it’s the last week I will still ask you to vote for me one last time. But I also want to ask you to share this. I would love it if you could help me out to win this competition. So go on share my beggings on Facebook, Twitter,… You would really help me out a lot!

But first things first, let me tell you a bit more about my signature style.

In this post I’ll share the complete look. There will be a few more post where I’ll go into detail about every piece I made.



 I love Autumn! I love it to bits! The changing of the weather, the leafs that show you the most beautifull colours, all the things that are changing in the woods. I love it! Actually I love the fact that we have seasons, and that the weather changes. It makes evereything look so different. But from all the seaons I love fall the most because of the beautifull colours. That’s why I chose it to be my inspiration for this dress. Autumn feels like me.

But why-o-why would this be a signature style? If you look a the stuff I made the last year you can see that I love dresses that a fitted at the top and a bit more roomy at the bottom. I love nice colourfull prints, but the majorty are nature inspired fabrics. So this outfit adds up to that pile.


The dress

 I bought this fabric a few days before I found out I could participate in this edition of Sew It Up. Maybe it was a sign that this fabric was destined to be in the final. I wanted to use a simple shape because with this lovely print, that should be the eyecatsher. After searching for a while I decided to use the retro dress pattern from ‘het grote naaiboek’ by Femma. And I think it’s a perfect match.

You can find out more about the dress here.


Trui’tje // Cardigan

 Finaly I have a nice cropped cardi. It’s a pattern from Knipmode that I addapted to my liking. I bought the fabric at textielstad.  

Here you can read all about the cardigan.


Tas // Bag

When I go out for a walk in the woods I need a bag to take all my supplies with me. By choosing brown and gold skai the bag works perfect with the rest of the outfit.

The pattern I used is Sam from Liel patronen with a few adaptations.

Here you can find the blogpost about the bag.



A flared skirts holds it beautifull shape better when a petticoat is added. So I added one. Any excuse is a good one for a petticoat. 



How do you like it? Do you think this outfit resembles my personal style? I would love it if you vote for me.

Do I get your vote? 



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