Yesterday I showed you my signature look for the Sew It Up final. As promised I’ll tell you a bit more about my dress today.

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I bought this fabric right before I found out I was selected for Sew It Up. Maybe it was a sign I should use it? I bought the last bit at Stoffieke. But it wasn’t enough. After some sourcing I found some more at Julija’s shop. Where I also bought the last bit. Sorry that i didn’t leave some for you.

The fabric is Autumn Scenis by Timeless Treasures. I used brown cotton as lining. 



 I used ‘Heerlijke Retrojurk’ from het Grote Naaiboek by Femma.I had been searching the perfect pattern for this dress for a long time. I didn’t want to turn it into a shift dress, it shouldn’t be too complicated because the print should be the main eyecatcher. When I saw Mieke‘s dress I knew the pattern was a perfect match! But then I only had a few days left to make this dress. Luckely my neighbour was so nice to borrow this book to me. 

Incognito in the forest


The fit is nice. I love this dress. Dresses that are fitted at the waist an then flair out are my favourite!



I added side seam pockets, an changes the position of the zipper from the center back to the side seam. Typing this is getting old. 

The patterns in ‘Het Grote Naaiboek’ are made for pretty tall people (172) so that’s great news for me! I didn’t had make the bodice or skirt longer. 



New technique

 I got the chance to practice a side zip with a pocket in it again. It still needs some perfection but it’s getting there.

 The Feel

I’m really happy with this dress. I love nature prints. It’s the first one with such a big print but I love it! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m also happy that I got the chance to dust off my pattern matching skills. It really needed some dusting! 

Do you like this dress? Would you wear a dress with such a big print on it?

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