Thuesday I showed you my signature look for the Sew It Up final. Yesterday I told you everything about my dress and cardigan. Now it’s time to tell you about my bag. 

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I used brown and gold skai aka pleather. I bought the brown one at Moens Modestoffen. The gold one is a gift from a friend. 



I adapted the Sam pattern by Liel patronen to my liking. It’s a pattern for a school bag for children. 



I adapted to side pannels so the bag would be deeper. The orginal pattern is too shallow to my linking. I didn’t add the handle on top and the 2 schoulder belts (is it actually called that way?) since I won’t be wearing this on my back. I added a long band to carry the bag over my shoulder. I also adapted the pockets on this inside to my linking. I feels as it is bigger on the inside now!


New technique

It was year ago that I worked with skai. Damn it was hard! Expecially with all those fusable interfacing (from which I ommited a few because of the nature of the fabric). Allthough I really like my sewingmachine I have the feeling that this project was a bit too much for her. (fabric bags are no problem). But that’s probably my own fault since the sewing machine dealer recommended another machine for my needs. But I didn’t had the funds to buy that one at the time. 

 The Feel

I’m really happy with this bag. But I must confess that I need to learn to trust this material. With fabric bags I have no problem doing that, but with this bag I’m constantly scared that it will ripp. I don’t know why, I guess we’ll need to get to know eachother a little bit better. 

Can you share any tips on sewing with skai? Especially for the bulky areas.

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