Yesterday I showed you my signature look for the Sew It Up final. This morning I told you everything about my dress and now it’s time to do the same about my cardi.

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I bought this fabric at Textielstad in Tilburg (NL) when I visited there for the workshop Naaien & Stikken. It is a very pretty knitted fabric with some subtle touches of gould. But sadly it’s also very fragile. 



 I used the cardigan pattern nr 29 from Knipmode issue 07/14, and made some adaptations. I always seem to pick out the patterns that Knipmode doesn’t provide online. Sorry girls.



The fit is great. It is loose at the right places, it is fitted at the right places. I’m very sure that there will be more of these. It’s the perfect cardigan for a fit and flare dress. Knipmode patterns are always spot on for me. That makes me so happy!



The pattern provided short sleeves. Since the weather is getting colder I added long sleeves. I uses the sleeve pattern from the Ariel Cardigan. It fits perfectly! In the patterns the front opens up with the use of buttons. Since I don’t really think I would even unbutton it, I decide to discard them. I did think about adding buttons as a detail but decided not to do that. 


New technique

It was the first time I made something out of such fragile knit fabric. I had to be so carefull at every step. That was new to me, and it was hard. 

The Feel

 I’m love this cardi! It’s perfect in so many ways, but the most important way is, that is cropped! Which makes it perfect to pair with a dress. I’m sure I’ll use this pattern some more in the very near future.

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