A while ago I asked if somebody could help my find the perfect peacock fabric. And eventuallly I found it! Oh happy days!  I found it at the webshop Studio Elf and turned it into another Belladone dress. And if you want to find out some more great news, you can make your own dress during a workshop so I can help you make it.

Btw, I’m so sorry it took so long before I posted something, but making this blog bilangual (and this time for real) is taking a ton of time!

peacock belladone


I’m so-so-so very happy with this lovely fabric by Timeless Treasures. It is super pretty! What I love this most is that the gold is actually gold not a shade of yellow that should be gold. It is freaking gold!  I love it! I bought it from Studio Elf.

And oh, please don’t give that frown when you visit met next time and find out i used this fabric as wallpaper,… in my intire house.

peacock belladone


I used the plain old pattern that’s getting boring –Robe Belladone– by now. But since the dress and me are a match made in heaven I added a number 3 to the list (number 1 & 2.) And get ready for 4,5,6,….. Hopefully they’ll be a bit more entertaining then this one. I’ll try to come up with something special for number 4 🙂


peacock belladone


The fit is as great as always. Although I must admit it would’ve been a better fit without does extra pound I’m moving around every where I go. Luckely I do still get in!

peacock belladone


I used the same pattern as last time, so with the same adjustments:

To make the dress fit perfectly I did some adjustments, I took out 2 cm of the back and made the bodice 2 cm longer. The waist band rests perfectly in my waist now. As usual I inserted the zipper in the side seam. Since the neckline was a bit too big I made 0,5 cm smaller on both the back and front bodice. Next I should make it even smaller by taking out 0,5 cm only in the front.

On the dress the bust darts are pretty high up so I decided to lower them. It dit fit very nice even with the higher darts so, actually, I would bother lowering them

To finish the hem I used biais binding that was kindly provided by Stephanie  instead of the pattern piece Deer & Doe provided

And of course, I almost forgat, I moved the center back zipper into the side seam.

peacock belladone

New technique?

I sewed most of my top stitching with metellic thread and it worked! My old sewing machine would eat it all the time. By now I’m very sure it wasn’t my fault, there where more thing that that old friend ate withour my permission.

peacock belladone

 The Feel

If I get rid of that extra waight it will be great. I must admit that it’s a bit thight right now. But it will better soon. I’m very happy with combo of the fabric and the pattern. It’s super nice!

peacock belladone

 Do you want to make your own Belladone dress?

On  march 14th Studio Elf invites you to join in the workshop that I’ll be teaching. We”ll be making a Belladone dress in Deuren (Antwerp). The workshop wil be held in Dutch. If i have to switch langues while teaching I’m pretty sure I’l be ready for the mad house at the end of the day.

 You can find out more information and enroll here.

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