Every once in a while I sew something that isn’t clothing. And one of those occasions was the making of this play-kitchen-chiar for one of the young ladies in my boyfriends family.


After picking a ton a fabric and then putting it back again I decided that the back of the chair should be stretchy. So all the white pieces are stretch jeans since that’s a pretty sturdy stretch fabric. Some of the pieces are interfaced. By doing so they lost their stretchyness. The flowered fabric is canvas I found at a second hand store. I chose this fabric because I think it ads a lot the kitchen feel of this play kitchen.


I didn’t have a fabric but since most of pattern pieces are rectangulars it shouldn’t be to difficult, or so I thought. So yes there are some thing that I would change up the next time.

While drawing the most important thing for me was to have a ovendoor that actually opens. Next time I’ll probably use plastic for the middle part of the door so it looks more like a real oven.

How did the party girl like it?

At first she didn’t understand. It’s just a chair. But after a while it grow on her. And now, wel now she’s playing with it a lot of the time. Mission accomplished!


It wasn’t an easy project, but I’ll probably make another when I there is a child in need for a play kitchen. Well not for every child. Because, well, then I couldn’t go a sleep for a very long time.

And next time, next time it will be the perfect kitchen, or maybe an outside kitchen.

 What about you ? 

Since I love this project a lot, I decided to organise a workshop. If you’d like to join in, go here to find out more. It is a Dutch page, since the workshop will  be held in Dutch.

 Btw, nope my blog won’t become a place filled with kids stuff. Only the kid things that I really adore get a place on this blog.

Thank you for commenting, I really enjoy reading them :)