As you know I participated in the sew it up sewing competition last fal. And I ended up being second, pretty good huh. During and after the competition I got a ton of questions about. So that calls for a Sewing Café about sew it up!

yt afbeelding sew it up

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These are the questions we’ll be talking about:
– What is sew it up?
– How did you came up with the idea?
– How did you thought about the name?
– How do you select the candidates?
– Who can participate?
– How do you come up with the challenges?
– Does it take up a lot of time to organise it?
– Tell a bit more about sew it up monthly.
– What can we expect from the newsletter?
– What did you learn from the 2 first editions? And will you change something?
– When will the next edition take place?

You can find out more about sew it up on their website, Twitter or Facebook.

btw, don’t forget to send in your crazy ideas for the sew it up monthly challenges in May and July. You can do this until the 10th of March.

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