It doesn’t happen often but once in a while I like to share stuff I make for kids. Like these school bags I made for last school year. Whoops, better later then never, right?

The Galaxy School Bag was named the ‘Galaxy park Bag’ (there is a childeren show called Galaxy park). And the green one the ‘Planes Bag’, my nephew loves that movie!


A Book Bag // Een Boekentas


I chose to use patterns form a different brand for both bags. I like to make similar things from different brands. Sometimes they so certain steps differently. And if I use both ways, then I get to choose what technique I’ll use in the feature. I just love to have options!

The ‘Galaxy Bag’ is een Sam from Liel patronen. It’s a nice pattern, but it isn’t very deep. If my niece had to take a few books with her, then there was too few space left for her lunchbox. So this bag didn’t got the full use. I also used this pattern to make a bag for me. 

Thee ‘Planes Bag’ is the toddler bag pattern from Polka Dot Patterns. 

A Book Bag // Een Boekentas


For the ‘Galaxy Bag’ I I used left over from the “Solar System” fabric by Timeless Treasures. That I use for my Galaxy dress. I bought it at Joëlle Modestoffen. The blue gabardine is from Stoffen Pauli in Leuven.

The ‘Planes Bag’ is made from fabric I bought at Beyond Fabrics during one of my trips to London. -I also bought these lovely mates there-  The interior is made from map canvas I bought at Stoffenspektakel a long time ago.. –Anneke made a dress out of the rest-

A Book Bag // Een Boekentas


I didm’t adjust too much in the patterns. I added zippered pockets. They seem very usefull when kids have to take some money to school.

I used fleece to stuff the handle of the ‘Galaxy Bag’ instead of teddy filling like the pattern suggested.

A Book Bag // Een Boekentas

New Technique?

I was the first time makes this kind of bag. There is so much more to discover! About everything -except sewing a straight line- was new to me.

A Book Bag // Een Boekentas

A Book Bag // Een Boekentas

Share your best school bag -making tip 🙂


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