It’s been sooooooo long since there was a sewing cafe. Today Hanne and I are making it up to you by doing an epic interview with Joost.

joost sewing café

Can’t watch the video? Click here.

Find out more about Joost on his blog. Btw, did you realize that this guy is the genius behind Make My Pattern? But that will get the attention it deserves in another episode.

Do you have any questions for Joost? Feel free to ask it in the comments and I’ll send them to him

As always thanks for watching! And I hope to see you again!

If you want some behind the scenes footage, check this.

I know, it’s in Dutch, but it’s still funny also if you can’t understand it.

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2 comments on “Sewingcafé: Joost Sews”

  1. Thanks for this great interview. It’s nice to see someone who’s Instagram’s photos you’ve been following talk.

Thank you for commenting, I really enjoy reading them :)