Since I got my hands on the book  Freehand Fashion by Chinelo Bally I’ve been drooling over this. So much drooling to the point where it get’s hard to decide which project I want to try out first!

And that’s where you guy come in. I invite all of you to help me choose my first project from this book. I selected 8 projects, and you guys can vote for you favorite one until friday.

I know, it’s short notice, so just do it now so you won’t forget.

freehand fashion

Let’s vote!

Freehand Fashion Chinelo Bally

btw, the 2 pictures of number 4 are correct, there is no picture of the back in the long variation, and the back is pretty!

I can’t wait to find out what you guys are choosing for me!


I’m so curious that I dare to ask, which project did you choose for me? And if you would choose it for yourself, would it be the same or a different project?

Or if you own Freehand Fashion, then I’m also curious to which project you already made.


9 comments on “Freehand Fashion – help me choose my first project”

  1. Hello, I just popped over to have a look at your post – I see the poll has closed. I love all the garments. Can’t wait to see how you get on with this technique. They are all gorgeous, and I have to admit if I was choosing I would choose what works for me, which may not be what works for you, or you may not need or like it. I love the jackets, all of them, and the tops…

Thank you for commenting, I really enjoy reading them :)