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Stashvember 2015

A while ago I got sad while looking at my fabric cupboard. I own so many fabrics! Too many!! And all of these fabrics represent dreams that haven’t come to life jet. So this month I will be giving priority to these lost dream, and turn them into reality.

In november I’ll be shopping from my stash. And I’m joining forces with Hanne and turned this into a bigger thing: Stashvember. Since Hanne and I felt the same frustration we’re sure many people have the same feeling. Let’s join forces and shop from our stash!

I tried stashbusting before. And that helped a lot but one year was too long for me. So this time it will be one full month.

Are you joining in?

Stashvember Hanne & Lieke


Fabric Sale


Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, and a lot has happened since we last talked. But I won’t be bothering you with this. I’ll only bother you with something you will like, or at least I hope you’ll like it.

It’s about fabric -insert evil smile-



How much fabric should I buy? give away (closed)

Probebly you’ll know this problem very well . You’re stroling around in the fabric shop and find the perfect piece of fabric. You take a few minutes to think about what you’ll be making, but then the big question pops, how much fabric do I need? And there are only 2 options, either you buy way to much, or it’s just a littel bit too small. After fiddeling about with the patterns pieces for hours you have to give and give that perfect fabric another goal.

how much fabric 3 (more…)