I enroled for fashion design! Starting from septe;ber I will be taking classes at Syntra. I enroled for fashion design and sewing basics. The combinations might sound odd, but when I check the table of fashion design it is the process of designing that is the subject off the class. So making the designs is something for home or to hand over to someboday else (but I’m not doing that!). I can sew, so it shouldn’t be a problem :). I chose the sewing basics because I think it can be very helpfull. If I wanted I could have done a sewing test to start in the second year but I’m looking forward to chill sewing ;). I’m really excited!

edit: I just took a look on the website of syntra. Both the courses that I’ll be following are full. I’m so glad I picked my spot on time! I’m really looking forword to start it! Just a few weeks left…



Video: How to use shoeclips?


My first video in English!!! So weird, the first video in Dutch was also pretty wierd, but English feels even more weird! (how many times can somebody use the weird).  And I do realize I need a hearcut. I haven’t desided just jet if I want to keep the bangs or not, so when I’ve desided I’ll go to a barber.  But ok, here goes nothing:

If you want to see more shoeclips you can find them  here, here and on my fanpage.

See you later!


The Berlin-bag


I made this bag to go to Berlin a few months ago. I checked the mesurements for handluggage and started working with that. I wanted a sturdy, handy jet featherlight bag.