How much fabric should I buy? give away (closed)

Probebly you’ll know this problem very well . You’re stroling around in the fabric shop and find the perfect piece of fabric. You take a few minutes to think about what you’ll be making, but then the big question pops, how much fabric do I need? And there are only 2 options, either you buy way to much, or it’s just a littel bit too small. After fiddeling about with the patterns pieces for hours you have to give and give that perfect fabric another goal.

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Wow that patterns fits you perfectly! Sewing café

// Do you envy those people who fit into every, really every pattern? Well you shouldn’t because nobody fits perfectly into the patterns. To make it fit perfectly you should do some adjustment. Today we’ll be sharing the adjustments that we have to do everytime. Hanne and i have so much fun making these video’s, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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Summer stashbust // 3 out, 1 in I’m stashbusting

Is a full year of stashbusting a bit to much for you? Luckely The Quirky Peach is challenging you to stashbust a whole summer long! And it’s stashbusting the advanced level! No new fabrics untill september 22. Whoa! That will be very hard, but I decided to participate to give my stashbusting challenge a boost! Although I have 2 exceptions:

  • The fabric that I ordered before I joined the stashbusting challenge. Since It’s comming from the other side of the pond it takes a while. And I only count my fabrics as in when I have them in my hands.
  • I will also be making some dressup stuff. And well if the colours don’t match there’s no fun in cosplay.

And you will you be joining in?

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