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A Bouquet of Buttons is a blog were every month  a ton of sewing enthousiast pass by. This is great way to connect with your audience. You can find some stats here.

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You can buy ads that stay on the blog for one month starting on the 15’th. You provide me with an image with the right dimensions and the link it should direct too.

During the last week of that month there is an article in which the sponsors get the chance to tell a bit about themselves in max 100 words (ex. articles). Either the sponsor provides a text or I write one.

Your spot is for you after you pay the invoice. After sending the invoice you have 14 days to pay. If there is less then 14 days before the add goes online you have to pay at the latest 5 day before.

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//An advertorial is a lovely way to attract attention for your bussiness. Together we’ll find a lovely way to put your compagnie in the spotlight.

The price will be set based on the concept.

  • All prices are ex. 21%VAT
  • After payment of the invoice the reservation is final. You have 14 days to pay the invoice. If you approach me less then 14 days of the desired publication date the reservation is final if you pay me at least 5 days before the advertiorial goes online.
  • Only companies that are complimentary to A Bouquet of Buttons will be able to advertise.


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