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Sew It Up – and the winner is…..

//….Dorien!!!! Way to go Dorien! And I’m also really happy with my second spot. I’m happy that I got this far in the competition. I loved every bit of it,  but I’m also happy that it’s over now -Hello social life-.

Thank you for supporting me during this journey! 

Signature Look – Sew It Up Final – do I get your vote?

Thank you so-so much to everyone who voted for me. I hardly can believe I made it into the final! Wow! Thank you for all your support the last few weeks. One more week and I won’t be begging you to vote for me anymore. That will be weird. This week we had to say goodbye to Froukje. She made some really nice things. Follow her on instagram to check out the new things she’s making. 

This weeks challenge is signature style. Make at least 3 items that represent you signature style.

Since it’s the last week I will still ask you to vote for me one last time. But I also want to ask you to share this. I would love it if you could help me out to win this competition. So go on share my beggings on Facebook, Twitter,… You would really help me out a lot!

But first things first, let me tell you a bit more about my signature style.

In this post I’ll share the complete look. There will be a few more post where I’ll go into detail about every piece I made.



When I was just a little girl – Sew It Up challenge – do I get your vote?

Wow! Week 4 and I’m still in the competition! That’s more than I expected. Thank you so much for all the support! The challenge of this week is to take a picture from your childhood and use it as in inspiration for your outfit. We also had to say goodbye to Anske. You can check out what she makes on her blog. And I can tell that the outfit she made for this week is a great one!

If  you like my dress  I would love it if you gave me your vote. You can vote untill 06/11 midnight.

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